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Top 10 Free Tools any Startup should use

Running a Startup is a multi-task job, that keeps you working on a zillions of issues/projects/requests in the same time, doing this depending only on your mind will drive you to fail. Thanks God that there are free tools to help you handle almost everything like a Boss, here you can find Kenrys top selected tools, enjoy it.

1. Trello

Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.” that is the tag line of Trello, and yes it is free and flexible, for example at Kenrys we use trello to manage everything, we have board for clients, will multiple lists like contacted, follow-up, won & lost. in addition to another boards, for daily task, new ideas & financials. We do recommend that you use Trello in your daily activity it will let you focus on the things that matters.

2. Image Compressor
As a tech Startup you’ll edit images on daily bases, on marketing campaigns, e-mails, projects, etc. and the biggest challenge is to keep all images in a small size cause they will be used over the internet. (smaller the size, smaller the loading time).
Compressor is a magical tool that let’s you compress the image size without messing the good resolution of the image.

3. Rapportive

To talk honestly we love this tool and we are pretty sure that you’ll love it too, rapportive is an add-on tool to your Gmail (or Google Apps Mail) that simply search LinkedIn for any e-mail address you type.


So you keep connected with all business people from within your Gmail. Note: Sometimes at Kenrys we use this tool to search for LinkedIn profiles using only the person e-mail. BTW (This option is not available in LinkedIn itself).

4. Zopim Live Chat

Zopim is the online chat tool we are using on our website, you can see it on the bottom right of this page or maybe you are chatting with on of our customer support team now.
Note: Zopim is free for one agent only, if you need more than one agent or multiple departments you have to go for a paid account.

5. Awesome ScreenShot

Awesome ScreenShot
Awesome ScreenShot is a chrome extension and a Firefox plugin that let’s you Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.
Note: If you need to send a screenshot to anyone over the Internet, you just capture the screenshot and the plugin will upload it and give you a link on their server for a whole month for free.

6. MailChimp

Mail Chimp
You will need to send multiple hundreds of e-mails either to say Happy New Year to your clients or to send an e-mail marketing campaign. then MailChimp is the best tool for you.
Note: If your list is less than 2000 e-mail accounts, then you’ll use mail chimp for free.

7. Invoice to Me

Invoice Me
Invoice me is a very simple tool that lets you create your invoice online, then you can download it in PDF to send to the client directly.
Note: You can edit the invoice name and do the same for a quotation or a price list.

8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

We use Google Calendar not only in organizing meetings and events but also to organize the time sensitive tasks. Bonus: You can set SMS Notifications, by adding your mobile number (Available for Egypt) on the mobile setup. and you will never forget a thing.

9. pexels

We are all concerned about copyrights when it comes to photos for a product or a campaign or even for the daily social media. Pexels is a free stock of photos for commercial use.

10. mail track

We’re all used to ✓✓ from Whatsapp, and we had to stick them into Gmail. You know how it works. One green ✓ means the message was sent and a second ✓ confirms your recipient read it. Know who and when they opened your email!
The above are the top 10 Free Tools any startup should use, We know that there are millions of tools out there, so we want to hear from you, let’s know what tool do you use or like and also let’s hear your feedback. Be Productive & Good Luck.

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