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How to choose the right channels for Digital Marketing?

Everyday the world is more and more diverse. People are consuming more information than ever, through different communication channels, how to deal with this multi channel behavior in digital marketing is a question for a lot of companies.

Before choosing the best digital marketing channels for your communication strategy you need to be aware of your public, not only what they want from you but also the way your business add value to their lives. It’s also important to communicate that to the audience, in ways that are simple to understand, this has to do with your image, so before showcasing your company to the virtual world, is important to invest in branding and design.

Once you are ready to put your company out there in a way that shows professionalism and credibility, it´s time to choose the channels that will be used to spread the word. Nowadays  there is a lot of options to do that, each with its own characteristics.

Company Website

The websites are a great tool for improving and creating a relationship between companies and the clients, and the age of internet is to blame.

It´s a lot easier for customers to search for services and products or to contact companies through internet researchers, other than going out to do it.

With that said, it is very important to invest in well done websites, with clear information, showing what the company does and what would be the steps to buy those services and products.  

In case your website is not clear and it does not contain all the information your clients need, this strategy can backfire, so it’s extremely important to take really good care of your website, otherwise it can make you lose opportunities instead of gaining.


E-mail marketing

If you think about all the recent innovations in social media, the email is an old tool, but it’s still essential and strong, and can bring satisfactory results.

If used in the right way, this resource is very efficient  in nurturing the leads with relevant content, to those who are looking for solutions or just have an interest on the subject.

But caution is necessary, bringing to your leads relevant content with the right frequency must be a concern, otherwise it can be viewed as spam or as something unwanted and annoying.


Social Networks

The Social Networks have completely changed the internet and the way people behave inside of it. This relationship and advertising channels are one of the greatest trends on the decade.

They have the advantage of creating na virtual environment that is more human, it’s interactive and can create a closer relationship with clients.

On social networks, people can have a direct and personal contact with brands. Each social network has it’s own characteristics and target group, the strategy for each one of them has to reflect on those specificities.

The content shared is not the same for every social network, and it has to be shared at the right time and for the right people.



Blogs have won a lot of attention in the digital marketing field, they offer relevant and useful content that have a long term impact. What you write on the internet never disappears, that’s why articles on blogs can generate results even after a long time.

Blogs are amazing to build an audience and fidelize people, if your articles are well written your readers will see you as an authority on your field of work.

Like all the other channels the effectiveness of blogs has to do with the way you use this tool.

Strategies must be build around this channel and the content needs to be created the right way, blog articles should have a simple and clear language, must not be very complex and must be posted with a certain frequency.


After knowing that all of this channels are good options is hard to choose which one to invest in. Using all of them in an integrated way is a great option, if you know how to invest and use each channel in the proper way. Let me know what do you think? Have a successful digital marketing channel?

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